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Hey Fellow CrossFitter from Anywhere,

We'd love to have you drop-in to our community group classes. If you take a look at our schedule on the website, you will see we offer different levels of classes. Please choose a class that fits your ability level accordingly, and come on in as your first class is free (but we won't stop you from buying a t-shirt!). Each class thereafter is $25/day.

See you soon!

CFF Student / Class Level Descriptions

  • Beginner

    For students at an entry skill level and entry fitness level. Time on the Baseline Workout time is slower than 9 minutes. Many movements that are done in a gym and/or in CrossFit are unfamiliar. Class focus is on basic conditioning and movement skill and technique.
  • Intermediate

    Not a beginner, but still working on building a base level of strength and conditioning and technical expertise. Baseline Workout time is between 6:00 - 9:00. Starting to get to know the names of movements, but still unsure of the amount of weight to use, and exactly how to do many of the more complex CrossFit movements.
  • Professional

    Confidence, strength and conditioning are stronger than ever. Have mastered all of the basic and intermediate CrossFit movements and are working on the more advanced weightlifting and gymnastic movements. Can take a friend through a CrossFit workout with confidence. Pull ups are done without assistance and Baseline time is between 4:30 - 6:00.
  • Open Gym

    Here at CrossFit Farmland we love to Coach and do Coach all classes. That includes our Open Gyms. Plan ahead of time which days programming from earlier in the week you will be making-up, and come in about 10-15 minutes ahead of time. There will be a posted warmup for you to go through, and if you need help a coach will be available. Get yourself warm and at the top of the hour a Coach will grab you and put you into the group making up the workout of your choice from earlier in the week.

    It is also a time for more experienced members to work on skills, mobility, or simply hang out and watch our community set Personal Records.