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Friday Night Lights! & The CrossFit Open at Farmland Fitness – 2018

The clock is counting down, two athletes are side by side going rep for rep on some dumbell snatches, with 10 seconds to go the first athlete picks up the pace, gets one rep up on the other athlete – causing the crowd to squeal and roar in excitement, and at the final buzzer bot
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Running and Sprinting Clinic- Pt. 1 & 2, Saturday 12p-2p, 5/20 and 5/27

At Farmland Fitness, we are concluding the month of May with two special clinics that focus on improving acceleration and top speed ability with Running and Sprinting Clinics. Partnering owner & Head Coach, Kory Ryan, who will be leading part 2 of the Running and Sprinting Clinic
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Barbell Mastery Clinic, Sunday 8:00a-11:00a, 5/7/17

Farmland Coach Alex Burgy is kicking off the month of May with an in-house Olympic Weightlifting Clinic, Barbell Mastery, a 3-hour class focusing on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. This clinic is open to all individuals who are interested in dialing in their weightlifting movements,
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Cinco De Farmo!, Friday 1:30-3:00pm, 5/5/17

In true honor of Cinco De Mayo, the 5th of May, we invite our entire Farmland community to the local north side restaurant, Habaneros to join and help us celebrate this holiday! Please reach out to Coach Jenna, by email prior to lunch to let her know you will
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CrossFit Sport-Specific Application Course, Saturday & Sunday 8a – 5:30p, 7/29 & 7/30 2017

The field, the court, and the arena are the proving grounds of sport-specific athletes. Training is an athlete’s vessel to game-day performance, and an athlete will never rise to the occasion—he or she will fall to the level of training.  The Sport-Specific Application Course is
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Dodge Ball, Saturday 12p – 2p, 4/29/17

It’s Dodge Ball time! We will be meeting at the Waunakee High School on Saturday, April 29th from 12 pm to 2 pm. Come at 12 pm, or come anytime in between, and we will make sure you get a run down of the rules, and into the action for as long as you can stay. As always, friends
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Pull-up & Muscle-up Clinic, Saturday 12p – 2p, 4/22/17

Do you struggle with Pull-ups or Muscle-ups? The Pull-up & Muscle-up Clinic is for any level of athlete that wants to get better at their pulling gymnastic movements! We will go over progressions that will help you learn where you are losing power or are breaking down in your pull
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Food As Fuel, Saturday 12p – 2p, 4/8/17

Do you struggle with losing weight and don’t know where to start? Do you know the benefits with eating well and performance? The Food as Fuel Seminar is for individuals who struggle with dialing in their eating habits or do not know where to start. This seminar will help you understan
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Level 2 Test, Saturday 12:30p – 2p, 4/1/17

Do you want to challenge your strengths and weaknesses more than Level 1? The Level 2 Test is for the athletes who have passed the Level 1 Test, and would like to test themselves even further on the CrossFit spectrum. This test will have all new activities and workouts that are more c
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