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ITP Program

Instructor Training Program

As we have grown over the years, so has the knowledge and experience of our student body. While our elite fitness training program provides tremendous opportunity for the growth and development of an athlete, it does not address the next step in the process – teaching. ITP is an innovative project designed to educate and build the future of great CrossFit coaches and CF Business Associates in Wisconsin. The course is a comprehensive examination of all things related to CrossFit and its industry. Upon completion, attendees will be prepared to make an impact on the community of any affiliate, effectively coach the general CF population, and become a true asset to any CF business (or develop their own).

Of this group of leaders, we plan to select our next-in-line team of CFFL coaches and help others in finding rewarding, and appropriate, opportunities in the local market.

Goals of the CFF Instructor Training Program:

  1. To provide our student body with the opportunity to further their growth as an athlete and leader by becoming a CFF Certified CrossFit Instructor (Note: This in no way takes the place of a CrossFit Level 1 certification – a requirement of this program)
  2. To create a core group of student instructors that is both knowledgeable and proficient in the instruction of CrossFit movements and capable of teaching a fun and valuable CrossFit class.
  3. To guide ITP members toward understanding the business of CrossFit; Understanding how to leverage systems to operate an affiliate that attracts and retains the the “right” clients; creating a distinct brand for your affiliate through core values.

Program Design

Our progress checklist is in place to keep you moving forward so that we know that as a member of the ITP you are committed to becoming an instructor. Other than that, there are very few “handles” to keep you on track. We are only looking for those people that are responsible, self-starters, motivated, and who don’t need hand-holding to keep them on the path.

To become an instructor via our program, the only requirements are to pass the written and practical tests for each level in addition to completing the lecture attendance. We have also included our Level Recommendations to assist you in your preparation for the tests. Remember that these are only recommendations. We have designed the program to be completed in as little as 4 months and as long as 8 months. The speed at which you move through the program will be determined by your background, experience and diligence in practice and execution.

Program Prerequisites:

  • CFF Member for 4 months
  • Subscriber to the CrossFit Journal

Program Outline:

  • 3 Months (1 semester) - Approximately 80-100 hours
  • 12 Lecture / Discussion classes - 12 hours
  • 30 Hours Class Observations / Shadowing / Hands-On WOD sessions
  • 23 (minimum) Student-Coaching Classes

**Note: Completing the CFF ITP in no way obligates you to being a full or part time instructor at CFF. It also does not guarantee you a position as a regular instructor in the CFF schedule.

Email for the full program outline and to express your interest in furthering your education in what it takes to help people achieve their goals with your help.