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Strength Club


Farmland Strength Club is here to help you get Stronger.

We are very excited to have you interested in Farmland's Strength Club

We believe that the only way to learn to lift heavy weights, is by lifting heavy weights. By committing to getting stronger, you are helping your community further their education, will demonstrate what is possible to other members in classes, and expect to be seen as a strong, lean machine by the end of the program.

The main focus of Strength Club is to improve your ability to lift heavy objects, do it safely, efficiently, and to be able to demonstrate FarmStrong lifting and strength to the world. You can expect to Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift, as well as learn how to lift odd objects and implements, exposing you to a full spectrum of awkward, heavy items.

The program is designed specifically to educate you on how to use your abilities to solve any strength problems you might encounter. It will give you confidence, tactical clarity, and an understanding of mechanics not seen in the generalist view of general fitness training.

What to Bring

  • Work Gloves
  • Lifting Shoes
  • Lifting Belt
  • Knee Wraps
  • Straps
  • Wrist Wraps
  • Winning Attitude

Our Philosophy

  • Hard Work trumps all.  There have been many talented athletes beaten by non-gifted work horses.  Be a horse.
  • Be Patient. Strength is a process.  Not only are you having to learn movements, and trying to grow the body to adapt to the stress placed upon it, but you have to learn how to do this over time.  Allow yourself time to be a beginner.  It's ok, seriously.
  • Train with Intent.  Great lifters know how to lift with intent. What the hell is intent? It’s lifting every single rep of every single set like you were attempting a perfect 1-rep max.
  • Train in a group of others as dedicated and accountable as you are. There is a synergy when it comes to group dynamics. When you apply that synergy into your training, it can propel you to a whole other level.
  • Trust and Follow the program.  More woulda-shoulda-coulda have-beens have happened from people trying to do too much too soon or too little when they are getting smashed at the tail-end of a program when they still need to hit it hard for another week.  Just do what we tell you and we promise the results will follow.
  • The better you get, the harder it gets.  Keep pushing anyways.  The gains will slow, but those who decide to drive on will be the ones who see glory.  Keep moving forward!
  • Calories are the best supplement.  You want to lift more, sleep better, recover better, get bigger or lose fat? Eat more.
  • Train with a purpose for life longevity and quality of that longevity.
  • Restoration and Recovery Matter You DO NOT make gains in the weight room. Lifting weights breaks down muscle tissue – that’s the point! – and serves as the stimulus for the body to repair itself and come back stronger.  Grab a foam roller, get a massage, see your chiropractor.  Period.
  • Understand that it’s literally YOU AGAINST THE BAR.  If you want to win in the game of strength, aim to pick it up, and put it down - forever.  

What to Expect

Our Strength Club Program details each of these 3 Big Lifts: The Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. Each week of training also includes detailed warm-ups and post-training FarmStrong maneuvers. We want to ensure the correct amount of stimulus is applied at the appropriate time, which will keep you progressing safely.

Strength Club will run for six weeks and is written and coached by our Head Coach, Kory Ryan, who has been competing in powerlifting in both Open and Collegiate level classes since 2000.

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