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Who We Are

  • Why was The Farm created?

    To give people the freedom to pursue what they are passionate about.
  • How do we accomplish this?

    We offer experiential and academic education to improve the physical and intellectual growth of our Community, enabling self-improvement in every facet of life, through the best Coaching in the world, classes, seminars, challenges, and community events.
  • What is The Farm?

    It is a grassroots group of results-driven people who are committed to helping themselves enrich their lives as fully as possible through the cumulative services, resources, and knowledge of our Community to increase their fitness intellect and movement freedom.
  • Our Vision

    Is to provide excellent Movement and Knowledge based experiences through passionate coaching, in a supportive atmosphere, that maximizes the enrichment of as many lives as possible in the community. Our facility is a place where all are welcome, with the only pre-requisite that you will strive for your own best effort, and support those whom you see reach for the same ideal.
  • Our Team

    Each day our Farmland Team awakens with a strong passion to help others reach their goals. This passion far exceeds just fitness and bleeds into all aspects of life. For this reason, our team constantly strives to embody our Core Values.
  • Passion

    We believe that passionate people will change the world for the better. For our members and staff to be successful, our team must love what they do and do what they love. This place is where our passions can be unleashed and supported - members and Coaches alike!
  • Professionalism

    We believe that our team must strive for excellence, constantly pushing the boundaries of education to better the experience for the members and to strengthen the team. Accountability is the standard and our entire team is continuously working towards the Mastery of a Professional Coach.
  • Personal Responsibility

    We believe that human beings choose, instigate, or otherwise cause their own actions. Recognizing that the outcome of your life is a product of your decisions is what accepting personal responsibility is all about. You can choose to be the creator of your own destiny, seeking solutions, taking action and trying something new when prompted with any stimulus from your environment. Or you can choose to be the victim of your world, blaming, complaining and finding excuses for your choices when prompted with a stimulus from your environment. The former helps you achieve your goals and accept responsibility, while the latter seldom helps you to achieve either. We know that this growth is a process, not an event. We strive to help teach being patient and compassionate with yourself as you navigate toward accepting responsibility, and becoming the best version of yourself possible along the way.
  • Helping People

    Empowering people to know they can change anything in their lives is a gift. We are committed to giving back to our community by serving others and working to improve the lives of everyone around us. It is upon this foundation that our company is built. Increasing community spirit allows our fitness services to extend far beyond our company’s customer-base and reach a broader scope of people in need. It is our honor to serve our collective neighbors and communities in this way.
  • Our Mission

    To give people freedom through fitness!
  • So Who Are We?

    Farmland Fitness is a Waunakee, WI based company focused on enriching every person's life through movement, to enable them to break free of all limits, perceived or real. Learning is apart of our company’s culture and it is spread throughout our training programs and classes. With an educated community of athletes, results come quickly and last a lifetime. We have high standards when it comes to delivering our training services to our athletes. Which is why our coaches in training spend up to 2 years learning and gaining valuable experience in our Instructor Training Program (ITP). We define quality by our ability to articulate the science behind our methods, the safety of our training programs, a personal connection with our athletes, the ability to inspire and motivate people to unimaginable results, and through offering superior training equipment and Coaching services in a supportive atmosphere.